Buzzfeed | Map | Mapbox-QGIS

Created a density map showcase a month of fires in the Amazon

Patrioct Act | Map | Rio-GDAL-Mapbox

Processed and colorized satellite data of canopy density for an episode on Brazil And The Amazon deforestation

Mother Jones | Map | Mapbox-QGIS

Created a classic locator map + three maps showing the various fractions and their territorial holds from 2013 until 2019

Huffington Post | Data Viz and Map | Mapbox-d3-QGIS

Visualized 122 years of wildfire activity for HuffPo and some fun scaling of California.

Buzzfeed News | Data Viz and Map | Mapbox-Tippecanoe-QGIS

Contributed reporting and editorial production to this article by Zahra Hirji and Peter Aldhous on the risk of flooding from rising seas by 2050.

Buzzfeed News | Map and Data Analysis | Mapbox-d3-QGIS

Contributed reporting and editorial production to this article by Lam Thuy Vo on 311 calls and gentrification.

Donor Network West & Mapbox | Data Viz, Data Analysis, and Map | Mapbox-d3-R

Donor Network West, the federally designated organ and tissue recovery organization for northern California and Nevada, partnered with Mapbox to show residents in its donation service area how donation and transplantation impacts their communities.

Mapbox | Data Viz and Map | Mapbox-AWS-Node.js

This map shows the current fire perimeters of active wildfires across the United States. These are updated every two hours by an AWS Lambda function. You can search any specific address within the U.S. to see where it falls in relation to those perimeters.

Topic | Illustration | QGIS-Photoshop-Mapbox

Illustration and mapping for about the battle over Bears Ears.

WIRED | Data Viz | Excel-R

'Trolls Across America' is a collaboration between WIRED and the commenting platform Disqus, mapping the most and least troll-ridden places in the US.

WIRED | Map | d3.js

In 'How Facebook Helps to Reveal the Fate of Missing Refugees', the interactive map shows the patterns of refugees throughout the world within a defined time-period.


WIRED | Photo Site Landing Page | JS-HTML-CSS

[DEPRECATED] WIRED's photo landing page uses complex calculation to create a one-of-a-kind parallax effect. The page was a 2017 Webby Award Nominee.

WIRED | Sortable Tables | d3.js-PHP

[DEPRECATED] This in-house wordpress shortcode is powered by Google Spreadsheet and outputs a sortable table. The styling is customizable. Made with PHP and d3.js.

WIRED | Video site | JS-HTML-CSS

[DEPRECATED] WIRED's Video site includes a top video and a playlist, allowing users to explore more videos while remaining on the page.

Youth Radio | Map | Mapbox.js-HTML-CSS

'West Side Stories' is an interactive exploring gentrification in Oakland through interviews and mapping.

Youth Radio | Newsroom Tool | JS-HTML-CSS

'The Understaffing of Juvenile Hall' is part of Youth Radio's NPR series, 'Unlocked,' a three-part investigation into alternatives to juvenile incarceration. This custom build-out is powered by Google spreadsheets.

Youth Radio | Interactive | JS-HTML-CSS

'Triggered' is an interactive that explores 13 stories behind objects that were mistaken for guns by police.

Youth Radio | Map | JS-HTML-CSS

'Know Your Props' is a tool that translates key measures on the 2014 California ballot for younger voters.

Youth Radio | Interactive Investigation | JS-HTML-CSS

'Double Charged: Behind The Numbers' is an interactive investigation which looks into the fines and fees that juvenile offenders have to pay after being arrested.

The Litography Project | Web App | Angular.js

'The Litography Project' is an interactive and evolving multimedia map honoring San Francisco’s literary past, present and future.