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👋🏼 I am currently a creative technologist at the Washington Post on the LEDE Lab. I focus on experimenting with innovative approaches to storytelling and integrating emerging technology in the newsroom.

🦠 I joined the Post after spending time as a data journalist reporting on COVID-19 for CalMatters.

🗺 Before that I was stationed at Mapbox in San Francisco, CA. I built tools, visualizations, guides, and I supported journalists in building better maps and vizs. I spent two years at WIRED in SF as a front-end/newsroom developer. Before that, I was a co-lead of the Interactive Lab at Youth Radio. I’ve worked with NPR, KALW, KQED and more.

📱 If you want to contact me: email me at lobenichou at pm dot me; Twitter: @lobenichou; Signal: hit me up for digits!

👍🏾👍🏿 If you're looking to sign up for the Journalist of Color Slack, head right this way. The admins, which I am a part of, won the ONA Community Award in 2019 so you know we're doing something right. 👍🏻👍🏼


Stuff I won.

  • Society of News Design 2021, Award of Excellence, Design: Environment & Science

    “Fighting fire with fire,” The Washington Post

  • Society of News design 2021, Silver, Experimental Design + Award of Excellence, Design: features 2021

    “The Tenement,” The Washington Post

  • Society of Professional Journalist Norcal, 2020, Excellence in journalism award, explanatory journalism

    “Close quarters,” CalMatters

  • SIGMA AWARDs 2020, Finalist, worlds best data journalism

    “Close quarters,” CalMatters

  • REGIONAL + National 2020 Edward r. Murrow awards for investigative reporting

    “Older and Overlooked,” KQED


    The Journalists of Color Slack Administrator

Coolest stuff I built.

The Washington Post

Interactive | Photogrammetry

Millions of Americans can trace their ancestry back to tenements like this one. A virtual photogrammetry tour of the Tenement Museum in New York and how the lives of immigrants were affected by disease, public health, and housing laws.

The Washington Post

AI Election Presenter

From November 3-13, 2020, The Post enlisted the help of a customized AI voice named Claire to voice the latest local state election results through a smart house ad at the top of our three political podcasts, Post Reports, Can He Do That? and The Daily 202. Over 20,000 election audio updates, refreshed with the latest data every 30 minutes by our elections engineering infrastructure, were served through our podcasts over 10 days, to reach 1.2 million listeners.

More cool stuff.

The Washington Post

AR | WebXR

Explore inauguration front pages from The Washington Post archive in 3-D

The Washington Post

Interactive | Mapbox-js

Prescribed burns were perfected by Indigenous people. They help regrow healthy forests and protect communities and firefighters. But there are many obstacles to making extensive use of the practice.

The Washington Post


The beautiful Lede Lab portfolio. Designed by Profile Shikha Subramaniam


Interactive | Mapbox-JS

In a collaboration between CalMatters and KQED, we explored the danger of wildfires on older Californians.


Graphics and Data Analysis | D3-Illustrator-R

A clear pattern has emerged as the coronavirus spares some California neighborhoods and strikes others: The virus takes a heavier toll in neighborhoods where people pack into overcrowded homes.


Interactive | D3

Tracking coronavirus hospitalizations in California by county.


Maps | Mapbox

This collaboration with Buzzfeed explores the demographics of displacements in gentrifying cities.

Patriot Act

Maps | GIS-Raster Imagery Processing

Processed and colorized satellite data of canopy density for an episode on Brazil And The Amazon deforestation

Mother Jones

Cartography and Design | Illustrator-GIS

Created a classic locator map + three maps showing the various fractions and their territorial holds from 2013 until 2019

Buzzfeed News

Maps | Mapbox-GIS

Contributed reporting and editorial production to this article by Zahra Hirji and Peter Aldhous on the risk of flooding from rising seas by 2050.

Buzzfeed News

Maps and Data Analysis | Mapbox

Contributed reporting and editorial production to this article by Lam Thuy Vo on 311 calls and gentrification.


Data analysis, Graphics, and Reporting | R-D3

'Trolls Across America' is a collaboration between WIRED and the commenting platform Disqus, mapping the most and least troll-ridden places in the US.


Interactive | D3

In 'How Facebook Helps to Reveal the Fate of Missing Refugees', the interactive map shows the patterns of refugees throughout the world within a defined time-period.


Frontend | JS-HTML-CSS

[DEPRECATED] WIRED's photo landing page uses complex calculation to create a one-of-a-kind parallax effect. The page was a 2017 Webby Award Nominee.


Frontend | JS-HTML-CSS

[DEPRECATED] This in-house wordpress shortcode is powered by Google Spreadsheet and outputs a sortable table. The styling is customizable. Made with PHP and d3.js.


Frontend | JS-HTML-CSS

[DEPRECATED] WIRED's Video site includes a top video and a playlist, allowing users to explore more videos while remaining on the page.

Youth Radio

Interactive | Mapbox

'West Side Stories' is an interactive exploring gentrification in Oakland through interviews and mapping.

Youth Radio

Custom tool

'The Understaffing of Juvenile Hall' is part of Youth Radio's NPR series, 'Unlocked,' a three-part investigation into alternatives to juvenile incarceration. This custom build-out is powered by Google spreadsheets.

Stuff I wrote.